Accommodation contacts

+358 (0)10 230 5800
Ivalontie 5086, 99600 Sodankylä

Café contacts

+358 (0)41 313 3921
Ivalontie 5086, 99600 Sodankylä

A mobile phone charge and a local network charge will be billed for the service.

Opening hours

Accommodation bookable: Mon-Sun 8am-6pm

PLEASE let us know if you are coming outside these hours.
+358 (0)10 230 5800

Camping & Caravan only from Café-Restaurant.

Daily 10-17

Serving you at Peurasuvanto café:

Elina & James

This summer a Finnish-Scottish couple Elina and James welcome you as new entrepreneurs to Peurasuvanto cafe. Both come from a backround in tourism, Elina as a willderness guide from Kuusamo and James from working in several destinations in Lapland and Europe. For many years it has been a dream of Elina’s to live and work in Lapland and James fell in love with Pyhä-Luosto area after spending several winters there.

Our passion for making people happy and love for nature led us to Peurasuvanto where we start now as new entrepreneurs. We look forward to meeting and welcoming our new guests at Peurasuvanto.

We serve you through Sodankylä concerning accommodation: